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Toughest/Gutsiest current Jet

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Toughest Jet  

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  1. 1. Toughest Jet

    • Jericho Cotchery
    • Bart Scott
    • David Harris
    • Brandon Moore
    • Alan Faneca
    • Nick Mangold

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I'd have to say Jericho. He's proved the doubters wrong. 6 weeks ago we were calling him a #2 at a #1 spot, now we're calling him a #1. To be I believe a 4th rounder and come up the ranks like Jericho did shows extreme toughness. He's not able to do everything, but he understands that but has given everything he has to the Jets in regards to what he can do. Toughest/Gutsiest goes to Blackout's #1 Receiver in the universe...Mr. Jericho Cotchery.

Nick Mangold is a hair fraction close in 2nd. But to Be drafted in the 1st, what Mangold has done is simply expected from day 1.

Harris @ #3. He was a steal in the second round. Should have been a first rounder.

Bart Scott: Honorable Mention. He would easily be considered but I think that we as Jet fans need to start establishing the "rules of tradition" when it comes to our beloved Jets. Bart Scott needs to be in the Green and White for atleast 1 complete season. Lets get a season out of him first. Next year though, Scott takes the cake. BEAST!

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