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New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Game Thread


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The game is TODAY not tommorow.

The only way Miami will be ahead of us in the satndings this year is if you read the newspaper upside down.

Well if you live on the west coast like I do, than it was tomorrow at that time.

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Did they just say something about Revis not being the best until he can shut down Randy Moss one on one?

Yes, and it has me POed. These ignorant MFers keep saying that the Jets had a safety over the top helping Revis. NOT TRUE! Ryan's defense looks like the safeties are in a Cover 2 because they both start the play in deep positions. But they constantly move up to pick up the man on man coverage left by the blitzing LBers.

Revis shut down Moss one on one!!!

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This Latino **** is ****ing annoying.

Are they going to have Irish days?

What about Italian Days?





Didnt the NFL reschedule some games to cater to Jewish Holidays? One night not catered to the majority and they're uncomfortable. :rolleyes:

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Uncomfortable? If I was latino I'd be uncomfortable watching this ****. Where did it come from?

While I respect your right to an opinion, calling it "this latino sh*t" is a little disrespectful.

Our Franchise QB is Mexican American, and we do have Latino posters here. Some tact would be nice. :rolleyes:

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