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You will... when you send out the luxury checks this year.

Geez, it's a fecking joke. If he was Jewish and made a joke about the Irish no one would care. Some people just love to be offended. Although I'm not faulting the Yankees' decision, but it's due to th

He's still got to pay his penance and prove it was "just a joke".

Does Marte have photos of Steinbrenners consorting with farm animals?

If Marte loses this Girardi is gonna have some 'splaining to do. Aceves is a much better pitcher. He is well rested. I don't like this switch especially in the rain.

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Robertson's stock is SOARING.

I still don't like Joe going lefty - righty with nobody on base and one of his better relievers Aceves in the game. If this gets called after 14 the Yankees are HOSED tomorrow. Hopefully it is a non-issue and the Yankees score here.

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Come on let's win this now, I have a good feeling about Andy in game 3 and I would like to start Gaudin in game 4 up 3-0, not have to use him in this game. :P

I think (didn't check but heard this on FAN) that even if CC pitches game 4, game 7 would be on normal rest because of the off days. If that is true, you pitch CC in game 4 even if the Yankees are up 3 to 0 imo.

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