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Positives From Monday Night


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As much as I hate to say it all we can do is give Miami Credit for a very well played game. They picked up the blitz and when we did get through they made a few big plays to beat us. They played a very good football game and thats about all you can say. They basicly surprized us and everything was working for them tonight Miami let it all hang out on the field and basicly had to play a perfect game to beat us. It will be different next time in the meadowlands in a few weeks that much Im sure of.

On a positive note our offense looked like it has some serious potential with Braylon Edwards. He played a great game as did Sanchez. The defense will be easy to fix next week and the next time we play Miami. The big thing is we didnt make any mistakes on offense, Clowney finally got involved, and if you guys noticed we ran the ball very well after stretching the field a few times. What a difference a WR makes.

This team will be fine, now its time to go on a 3 or 4 game run and keep the division lead.

The beginning of the season is when you deal with the growing pains if this was the last quarter of the season I would be concerned.

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Positives from Monday night??

Well we all see that Shotty sucks @$$!!

Hey Im not one to give Shotty too much credit but the offense played well tonight and we did run the ball much better than we have in recent weeks. I would like to see Shotty call some more short passes to the RB's and some screens . WTF happened to our screens ?

We also run the ball up the middle way way too much for my liking but it seemed like it was there tonight.

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