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Is this happening again in the AFC East?


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Before I write this I really hope I am wrong and just panicking a little with this tough lose tonight. That being said are we seeing the begining of a great career with Chad Henne it has some undenyable simalarites to the whole Tom Brady situation in 2001. The pats started 0-2 or 0-3 I forget Bledsoe gets absolutly plastered by Mo Lewis in comes Brady and the rest is history, 2 weeks ago Schwag gets his shoulder torn off for the 3rd time in comes Henne, both QB's are from Michigan, both QB's have a coach in there second season with the team, both QB's had good enough defenses to win and O-coordinator's from the same mold in Henning and Weiss both parcells decipals, Brady didnt need to do it all him self the pats played ball control offense just like the dolphins and just asked him to make a few timely plays in the passing game until the playoffs where he came into his own, both QB's have and had average at best WR's. There probablly some more similaritys that im not mentioning, I really hope I am just makeing an observation that looks simalar but in reality really isnt or wont be, what do u guys think? Oh please dont bother me with my grammar I know it sucks it is what it is.

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