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SJ Reviews: 'Capitalism: A Love Story'..Moore's film slams both sides of aisle (3)


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'Capitalism: A Love Story' is Michael Moore's latest documentary. This time its foco sin on our economic system and his view of its inadequacies and those who have contributed to what he perceives as its 'unraveling'.

This is a movie review and in no way political. I am just mentioning the content/gist of the flick.

I wil lsay this. As Moore rolls out each new movie , he is learning to lay blame and rip into both sides of our political system. In this film he plays no favorites. As it happens, many reviewers, and I agree, feel he aims his guns at the Democrats more than the Republicans.

The 1st half of the film he lays a foundation of what was in 30's/40s/50s/60s, and then begins his essay on the 'downfall. The first half of film also seems like he mainly aims at Republicans, especially Reagan and Bush. This is mostly his dissaproval of the the lessening of the 90% tax on wealthy and how he feels it took away mony for building roads, schools, helping poor etc.

But in 2nd half of film, he lays the lumber to mostly Robert Rubin, Bill Clintons fellow Democart and Secretary of the Treasury. Rubin was at Goldman Sachs before Clinton gig and Moore feels played major role in bailout of Banks as Rubin worked with fewllow Goldman buddy Hank Paulson who was Bushes Sec of Treasury. Moore then goes on to rip into Democratic House, and mainly Democratic Senator Dodd as major players in Mortgage disaster failures/foreclosures.

So , the bottom line is Moore can take any documentary subject and make it entertaining. Whether you agree wihttp://www.jetnation.com/forums/images/editor/menupop.gifth him or not, he has found a formula that allows you to sit through 2 hours of film. Ken Burns is similiar in that he can take any subject and it entertains.

He waxes a few times on Co-ops and all employees earning same pay, benefits in a company. This sounds nice, but many Socialist regimes found out that after 40 or so years people figured out that 'why should I go to college, study hard , work late, have a pressure job, when I will make the same as the guy who graduated 8th grade and sweeps the floor at the company' . I personally took from this movie, not a need for Socialism, but a feeling that capitalism is what is right for US , with maybe a tweak here and there as history and times dictate. But different strokes for different folks.

As always, Moore has his critics (on both sides of aisle for this film) who say he 'takes parts of a fact to fit his thesis', or twists things'. Please keep this thread to whether you liked movie or not and not a political goat rodeo. Lets not have a need for a IBTL, or more to point, dont be the person to feel the need to 'wave your party's colors'.

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