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****Official Jets vs Bills Gameday Thread****

war ensemble

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all i know, is that if jenkins is legit injured and he's walking off to the locker room on his own, someone is gonna get chewed out.

Any reason the cart he was originally on isn't bringing him to the locker room??

He was on the table not a cart...

and the cart cannot handle him... lol

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Bull. I shredded my ACL in High school ( Soccer, dont laugh) and I couldnt walk.

so thats medically fact now? i tore my acl and pcl and walked off the field and into the locker room on my own.........

professional footbal players have a little more pain threshold than you and me

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Mark Sanchez looks like sh*t today. He's not handling cold weather well at all.

Terrible ****ing passes.

He is playing scared... imo

He just needs to loosen up... that Phins game was a tough loss for him... he will grow and this is the perfect game to work out some kinks...

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