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He's like an egg back there.

really? really? you are happy that kris jenkins is possibly out? Are you that ridiculous? You want a 4 time pro bowl defensive tackle that has completely changed our run defense over the past two years to get hurt? Pouha will not be as effective without jenkins. These guys need to rest, the rotation this year has made the rest of the defensive line better. We need all of the depth we can get. Also, why do you think david harris and bart scott are playing so well? Kris Jenkins clogs up the middle of the field and takes on a double team almost every play. The very guard that is doubling Jenkins would be going out to block harris or scott if we had a journeyman at NG. I really hope you are not ignorant enough to be happy that Jenkins is hurt.

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Barton I know you are just screwing around but a lot of us just wasted a day in the cold and spent a lot of money to see this loss. So people aren't going to see that you are joking, so please just pass on this one.

Max, the most important player on our defense is injury prone.

Its time to find his replacement.

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Not when they're 370 pounds. If this is true, our season is over. I don't care what anyone says. We might as well play for a better draft pick to replace one of our horrible defensive ends which can't get pressure for SH1T!

People can walk, regardless of their weight, after some knee injuries. Tiger Woods, granted 1/2 Jenkins size, walked 72 holes in the US Open without an attached ACL and 2 stress fractures.

jenkins is a good player, but he hasn't stuffed the run the last 2 weeks.

What we need to get back to is BLITZING. Against NE, we blitzed like crazy. Against Houston, same thing. Both games we hit the QB over and over again. Then Sheppard and Strickland got hurt and we stopped.

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This is probably it for Jenkins. He said he thought of retiring after last season but came back to play for Rex. He may just say the heck with it and hang them up.

Yep. I got a good feeling if he's out for the season, he's done for his career.

Sucks, probably the best trade we ever made and I absolutely love the guy and the player.

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