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Rock Bottom: Rolling Stone Magazine Rips Eric Mangini

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Well, at least we're not fans of the Cleveland Browns. :lol:

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Even Rolling Stone is throwing rocks at Browns coach Eric Mangini.

In its latest issue, the iconic music magazine stepped outside its usual arena with a harsh critique of Mangini, comparing him to Augustus Gloop, the fictional overeater in Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and calling his short coaching tenure in Cleveland "a sort of Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement."

Mangini, fired by the New York Jets in December, has become a target of abuse -- much of it from outside Cleveland -- for some of his decisions this season, most notably his handling of the Browns quarterbacks and excessive fines levied on players who break his rules.

The Browns are 1-5 with their only win a 6-3 decision over the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 11.

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How bad is it though when Rolling Stone magazine is tearing into you? Rolling Stone magazine barely knows music, let alone sports.

That sort of depends on the author. They did after all have one of the best football writers ever until he ate a bullet.

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