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Steve Phillips suspended from ESPN for sleeping with production assistant


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TV baseball analyst Steve Phillips had a brief affair with an ESPN production assistant who taunted his wife with "Fatal Attraction"-like phone calls and a letter that bragged about her sexual encounters with Phillips after being dumped, The New York Post reported.

The former New York Mets general manager told his wife and police he slept with Brooke Hundley, 22, multiple times this summer before dumping her. The woman repeatedly phoned Phillips' wife, Marni, saying, "We both can't have him!" the police report says.

Police believe she also posed as a high-school classmate to contact Phillips' 16-year-old son, according to The Post.

Hundley reportedly crashed her car while speeding away from the Phillips' home after leaving the letter, the Wilton, Conn., police report said.

"I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself," Steve Phillips said in a police statement, calling Hundley "obsessive and delusional" after he dumped her.

Phillips, who declined to pursue criminal charges against Hundley, is now being sued for divorce by his 40-year-old wife, the newspaper reported. Phillips deeded the family's five-bedroom, multimillion-dollar Wilton home to her two months ago.

A source told the paper Phillips has been suspended for a week by ESPN. A representative of the cable network refused to comment, and Phillips did not return calls seeking comment. Hundley refused to talk when reached by The Post on Tuesday.

The developments come 11 years after Phillips, 46, took a leave of absence as Mets GM after admitting to having sex with a female employee who sued him for sexual harassment, a case later settled out of court.

In a Wilton police report obtained by the newspaper, Phillips said he first met Hundley on assignment in St. Louis on July 13.

"Over a three-week span, I had a total of three sexual encounters with her," Phillips said in his police filing. "Those were the only times I spent any time alone with her."

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