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what was with this double play NO-CALL in the Yankee game?


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He is a vet of some 25 years or so. I doubt he gets the boot over this. If you look at the replays, he may appear to be screened a bit and unable to see the bag clearly.

But he was wrong, no doubt about it.

Now that joker at 2B last night. He really blew it. And I understand he is one of the lower rated umps.

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Tim is 1 of the best umpires in the game. And he blew it 2x yesterday. Sh*t happens.

They always call him ''one of the best in the game''...why? he's always been awful. on that sac fly to center he wasnt even watching swishers feet. he was looking out to center field..lol..and he blew that one too! mclelland is awful..just awful

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