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The Yankees will have no chance? :rl: Can't wait to see the odds on the series... Yankees will be pretty big favorites. Pitching wins championships.

You better check with Yank Nation ombudsman BO about this. Or do I need to dig up they 142 threads of his on how hitting wins championships?

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When you get back to the World Series to defend your title you are a REALLY good baseball team.

Give the Phillies their props. They might very well be the most underated team in MLB right now. It seems alot of the talk is about the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Cardinals but the Phillies eventhough they are the defending champs have managed to stay under the radar.

I think a Yankees vs Phillies World Series would be great. If the Phillies were playing anybody other than the Yankees (That is provided the Yanks close out the Angels) then I would root the Phils as well.

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Congrats to the Phils. Getting to the big dance 2 years in a row is very difficult. Job well done.

Yanks-Phils would be great theater if both teams hit the way they can. A seat in RF would be worth a lot, especially if you wanted a shot at catching a baseball.

I wonder what the rotations would be. Maybe something like this:

NY -Game 1 - Lee vs. CC.

NY -Game 2 - Hamels vs. Petitte

PHIL - Game 3 - Pedro vs. AJ.

PHIL - Game 4 - Blanton vs. Gaudin???

PHIL - Game 5 - Lee vs. CC

NY -Game 6 - Hamels vs. Petitte

NY - Game 7 - Pedro vs. AJ

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they won't stop that hitting.

The angels are a very good hitting team. One of the best. The yanks pitching has held them in check. No reason to believe if we make it that our pitching can't hold the phils hitting enough for our hitting to win it. Especially if a couple of our bats wake up.

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Aside from a few dickhead members of Phils Nation, if Philly wins the World Series, I barely have to hear about. If the ****in Yankees win every bar I go to, every conversation I have, every paper I read, every radio show I listen to, will but completely inundated with nauseating shmuck fans.

exactly. well put.

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