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***OFFICIAL 2009 WORLD SERIES GAME THREAD- Philadelphia Phillies v NY Yankees***

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The Big ONE! 2009 World Series of Baseball Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees Best of 7 series

Back to the baseball forum until Sunday night.

I'm very confident Yanks will pound Pedro. Andy just needs to keep Phillies from getting a big inning.

Cano's bumped up contract makes him a really tough sell. No one expects to lose 2/3s of your starting outfield mid-World Series, and when you consider Xavier Nady has been gone almost all season, worse than that. Get Utley.

Is Utley a FA?

I'd grab this guy, he is a VERY tough out, they can replace Damon in the lineup with him after Jeter, and put someone else in left. Johnny can be clutch, but I'd rather keep Matsui over Damon.

They REALLY need to upgrade second base and centerfirld, Melky also sucks horribly.

I mean, how the f--k can you hit behind Jeter, Teix and Arod - and not be batting like .320?

Not even Babe f--ing Ruth had that much protection in the lineup.

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