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Unix geek humor


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Try these new commands!: (Hint, to run "C shell" type csh at your terminal prompt)

I didn't quite get all of them, but the sex change and %blow were funny.

[Where is Jimmy Hoffa? (C shell)

^How did the^sex change operation go? (C shell)

"How would you rate BSD vs. System V?

%blow (C shell)

'thou shalt not mow thy grass at 8am' (C shell)

got a light? (C shell)

!!:Say, what do you think of margarine? (C shell)

PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense (Bourne shell)

make love

make "the perfect dry martini"

man -kisses dog (anything up to 4.3BSD)

i=Hoffa ; >$i; $i; rm $i; rm $i (Bourne shell)

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