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#1 team in ACC Atlantic lost to the #4 team in the SEC East, 34-17.

#1 team in the ACC Coastal lost to the #3 team in the SEC East, 30-24.

Florida and Tennessee went 2-0 against the winners of those games, so maybe they should battle for the ACC title. Yeah, Florida would be a no-brainer, but it's reasonable to think that if Tennessee was in the ACC, they'd be one of the teams headed to Tampa.

To call up Bama's 34-24 win over Virginia Tech would just be piling on.

But, oh yeah, SEC East Champion Florida plowed through Florida State 37-10, while barely breaking a sweat, even if Tebow played until the last 5 minutes of the game (a separate WTF discussion).

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In of itself, I think no one argues SEC is better then ACC.

Your point is a little irrelevant though.

-Rivalry games are not a good way to judge where a program or conference is.

-Plus, the Atlantic division is a horrible division. When BC wins 8 games after being projected to win 0 division games, you are in need of an infusion of talent and new coaches.

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