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A Disgrace To The Game


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The Patriots reign is over. Tom Brady knows it, Belly knows it. The fans won't admit it. They are 1st in a ****ty division, hooray. In front of everyone, they just got one of the worst beat downs ever. Funny thing is, I thought NE was going to win but I couldn't have been more happy being wrong.

yeah...that was satisfying to watch.....

but now with our luck they'll win the superbowl this year

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Um....did you watch the same game I did? Brady was getting killed out there and the defense was stopping no one. You think there was a chance in hell they would have scored 21 points in several minutes? This is reality - not Jets world.

They're just ****in with you. I don't blame them though, you keep feeding their sadistic hunger. :-P

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So just when you thought you've seen everything this game can hand you Bill Belichick reaches lower than low last night and QUITS with almost 10% of the game left to play. That wouldn't be so bad if just the week before he leaves all his starters in there and actually has his QB try and score a TD on a bomb with 30 seconds left-with a big lead. He is a classless scumbag.

Where is the new thread about the Colts being a disgrace to the game?

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