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Hofstra Ending Football Program

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Alma Mater of Wayne Chrebet among others.

Then again Villanova cancelled football after Howie Long graduated (and then brought it back as an FCS program shortly after to prevent an Alumni-riot).

The CAA is adding two new teams in a few years anyway, but what's really sad about this is that Hofstra was more competitive than the likes of Towson.

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Wayne on Kay's show now.

Say's he was on the board for a year and saw the numbers and doesn't blame the president for cutting it. But he's definitely upset they didn't try harder to support it, says they could have and should have.

Says Jets leaving Hofstra might have been a factor. - Kay asked, he didn't pull that out of no where.

Kids are keeping scholarships if they choose to stay.

Never asked for his help, but said he didn't know if him or Colston could have done anything anyways.

Wants to know what they'll be doing with the facilities, will history be honored, what they're doing with the stadium.

Now talking about concussions.

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What are they going to do with thiose practice facilities the jets used?

I think the Lacrosse team uses a lot of the stuff the football team used. So I'd imagine its not going anywhere. The Lax team pulls probably the same amount of money the Football team did and probably spends much less.

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All this is kinda crazy considering all the additions they've made to that stadium over the last 15 years or so. The connecting the home and away bleachers to create the horseshoe is a head scratcher. While I've never been to a Hofstra Football game I've been to some play off lacrosse games and only seen that place filled up enough to have people poor into the horseshoe once - and that was the highest attendance hofstra had ever seen. Now most of it is covered in ads.

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Wow is right.

Does this mean Nova and Richmond to the North Division?

Maybe... With Georgia State and ODU coming into the conference, it would seem likely that they'd rejigger. I think UDel is more likely to become a "North " school than Richmond, though. Keeps the Nova/UDel rivalry alive... and its further north.

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