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...on number of minutes it will take for our resident Fish trolls to appear and inform us all how today's win proves that they're really the best team in the division.

I'm setting it at 5 and putting my entire savings account on the under.

PS if you don't like this thread, don't post in it. Or any other Dolphin threads.

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Shiiiitttt, right now I can even disagree with them.

If they still had Ronnie (Fragile M'****a) Brown, we wouldnt have a chance.

And of course, we ar enot playing Great at this time either, now if we can man the **** up, and our entire team plays like our D plays, then this will get Berry, Berry interesting.

However, they are the Dol-phags so I cant say that, and because they dont have Brown, they aint going NoWhere's...lol

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