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Heisman Finalists


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Colt Mccoy

Tim Tebow

Mark Ingram

Toby Gerhart

Njbfjdsp Suh

CJ Spiller snubbed.

If there were ever a year they bypass the award, its this one. Tebow and Mccoy really dont even deserve to be there.

Im surprised they're not renaming the Heisman the Tebow to be honest.

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Maybe Ill ask Utah instead.

The my conference is better than your confernce stuff is silly. Didnt the Pac 10 go undefeated in bowls last year?

And Spiller is a better kick returner than running back

last year is a different animal

Heisman is this year

BTW Utah is not in Pac10

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Still think Ingram should win it though. It doesn't go to the most talented player or the best prospect.

There's no such thing as most talented when there are people from all kinds of positions.

Best prospect is arguably Suh. Arguably.

Ingram is really good and built for the NFL game.

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