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AP: Revis a slam dunk as a shutdown corner


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Jets’ Revis a slam dunk as shutdown cornerback

By DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer

And, it’s easy for Revis not to, especially when he’s got Gilbert calling him before and after games. Gilbert got on him after the Jets’ win over the Bills last week because Revis had an interception, but dropped two others.

“You can be drawn into an illusion that you’re either better than you think you are, or you’re not as good as you want to be,” Gilbert said. “You have to really scrutinize yourself. You have to watch film and be honest with yourself. From there, it doesn’t matter what anybody says. The world could love you and say that you’re the best, but you have to be honest.”

The mirror tells Revis that he’s one of the best players in the NFL at his position. It also tells him that there’s much more work to be done.

“You can’t look at accolades or what the paper’s saying about you because you’ll get caught up in that glitz and glamour,” he said. “I think I try to stay away from things like that and know there’s really always room for improvement. I just want to be the best corner I can be.”

I really think Gilbert has been 1 of the keys to Revis' career so far. He's keeping this guys feet on the ground.

It might be the biggest difference between him and Rhodes. Who does Kerry have surrounding him? An entourage of publicists and morons telling him he can be a movie star blah blah. People who prob dont give a damn about him.

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"If he holds to form and lets me do the things I can I'll be

able to make just as many plays as Reed does," Rhodes said.

"I'm a guy like Ed Reed that likes to make plays.

So if Ryan keeps that freedom, I'll do that what I do."

damn that quote could've come in handy about 6 weeks ago..

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