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Urbans Florida team continues Thug trend

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Under Meyer Florida already has more arrests than any other SEC team. Now this comes out..

Photos of Gator recruits flashing gang signs making the rounds on the internet

by Ben Volin

Wasn’t sure if I was going to post about this topic, but these photos are gaining a lot of traction on the internet this morning, and you’re going to hear about them eventually, so we might as well talk about it.

leon_orr.jpg Allegedly a photo of Leon Orr

The image to the right is, allegedly, Florida recruit Leon Orr, a 6-foot-5, 302-pound offensive/defensive line prospect from New Port Richey-Gulf High outside Tampa. The image, from Orr’s Facebook page and originally posted for the public to see by a blog called 13psi.com, shows Orr holding what appears to be a gun and $16.

And this image below is a compilation of Facebook photos of what appear to be two Florida recruits for the class of 2010 — Orr, and defensive end Lynden Trail — allegedly flashing gang signs and such. The caption under Orr’s picture reads, “Collect Money Cartel.”

All of these pictures were originally copied by 13psi.com from the players’ Facebook and MySpace pages, which did not have privacy protection.

orr-trail-gang-signs.jpg Alleged gang photos of Orr (left) and Trail

The pictures are spreading quickly throughout the blogosphere, mostly because of the Gators’ spotty history involving football players and the law (Carlos Dunlap’s DUI arrest two weeks ago marked the 29th police incident for the Gators under Urban Meyer).

The Web site Deadspin posted an entry last night entitled, “UF Football not about to get any classier.” You can also read about it on Florida fan blogs like OnlyGators.com and AlligatorArmy, as well as on message boards like VolNation and the Rivals.com main message board.

Are the photos real? Maybe. Are they bad kids? Have no idea. But even if the gun is fake and the kids are just acting stupid on their Facebook pages, the photos certainly don’t help the Gators’ image, especially with all of their legal troubles over the past couple of years.

The bet here is that these pictures will be removed very shortly from their Facebook accounts and each player will get a serious lecture from Meyer before enrolling at Florida. Orr, one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the nation, told the St. Pete Times yesterday that he plans at enrolling at Florida this January.


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Yet another reason why to hate the Gators. It's a shame, UF is a fine academic institution and the students there aren't thugs...but the football team is pretty much the opposite. UF has the biggest gap in the NCAA between student GPA and football player GPA.

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