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How long are you illing to wait??


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Reid runs a pass happy offense as well.. And the offense you described is better served to protect a weak or average defense, what are we trying to hide with our defense?

you seem stuck on the eagles i think maybe you should look to a team more relevant... oh i don't know like the 2000-2001 ravens superbowl champions. heard a rumor our current HC had something to do with that so might make more sense to try to emulate their success than just hoping sanchez turns into donovan mcnabb overnight.-

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No, it really isn't, because that's one guy. Like a dozen other guys threw 20 picks as rookies and kept right on sucking. ALL of the quarterbacks who started as few games as Sanchez did in college failed.

Actually, I think Manning is the only other QB in the last 30 or so years to throw 20+ picks as a rookie.

Clearly this should be considered compelling evidence that Sanchez will one day challenge for GOAT status.

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It would have been nice if Sanchez could have been sitting behind Pennington this season. Riddle me this: Why is Clemens even on the roster in training camp if he is so bad that you trade up to 5 and pick a rookie QB with only 16 college starts. Why not just cut Clemens, sign a vet on the cheap and hold Farves hand to the fire? The whole problem starts with the deal the Jets made to get Favre which was an over involved owner/operator f'n things up.

Im here nor there with Sanchez starting this year. What I dont agree with is not getting a veteran QB to extend that experience to Sanchez.

Starting him was fine with me, but not having the experience to guide him is the incorrect move.

And no, Mark Sanchez is no where in the vicinity of "Bustdom". Gholston however......

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