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** JN Predict The Score - Week 16 Vs. Bengals **

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** JN Predict The Score - Week 16 Vs. Bengals **

JN Predict The Score Win Tracker:

1. Arsis

2. Arsis

3. afosomf

4. Jaysjets

5. DrownTheJets

6. G.O.B.

7. Klecko73isGod

8. JiF/HardKoreXXX [Tie]

9. G.O.B.

10. Otter

11. Lupz27

12. Faba

13. Papageorgio268

14. Lil Bit Special

15. villan_the_foe



Bengals 24

Jets 15

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lol nice brady sig.

I don't really know about your offense very much, but I hope you guys don't mind me making a prediction? Your D is obviously REALLY good, so CIN should get less than 15, I would think....

So I'm gonna say 20-14 Jets win.

Our offense is awful. Our defense is quite the opposite.

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