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NFL WEEK 17 Cincinnati Bengals [10-5] at New York Jets [8-7] Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 8:30 PM ET, Sunday, January 3rd, 2009. National Broadcasting Company Kickoff Weat


it was a Tweet from the NYJ let me find it for you, brb

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You have to get gooned up and moon Sean Deegan! you promised before the old stadium was taken down damnit!

What makes you think this is the last game? The Jets can still host the AFC championship game. :lol:

Besides, I stopped letting Soot rent space in my head for free a long time ago.

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there are many things to consider today.do the pats really want to win today against the texans?the pats can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.they can rest their starters for the playoffs and at the same time force the bengals to play their starters.possibly forcing the jets out of the playoffs.how sweet that would be for bill.do the jets have the firepower to beat the bengals A game?if you think sanchez stuggled in cold weather games before,tonight is gonna be brutally cold and windy.can the jets get their running game going against the #2 run stuffing defense in the league?i beleive the jets can win this game,but everything is in the bengals favor.if i was a betting man,i take the bengals and the 10 points and bet the farm

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For once that dumb song which I usually skip will be right when she sings "you've been waiting all day for sunday night."

She'll be singing that line, but I'll still be hearing "I hate myself for loving you".

Hopefully, I'll feel guilty about that around 11:30 or so tonight.

Go Jets!!!!

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::GoJets: I hope they come out and try to win it instead of waiting for Cincy to lose it. Hopefully they're hungry enough. I remember a few years back when Buffalo needed a home win against Pittsburgh ,who rested EVERYBODY since they already clinched , to make the playoffs . Steelers ran for like 300 yards and buried the Bills big time. Go out and win it JETS !!! ::GoJets: Edited by Thai Jet
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I would say I feel your pain bro but I'm pumped. Have the coffee and red bulls on board and I'm ready to go.

1.20am kick offs FTW!

Do you have to go to work tomorrow?

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You`ll still be awake for next weeks game!

Did I just hear the guy on SKY Sports say if we win we go to NE next week?

This is all getting soooooooo confusing

You did.

Don't listen to him. He was completely wrong, I assure you.

We win we play Cincy again. Simple.

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