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Is there a Same Ol Jets curse?


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By we end of this game, we should be closer to answering that. We will know if this is the Same Ol Jets if they, let's say, give up a 20 point lead in the second half, making O Sullivan look like a pro bowler. lol

Winning will solve nothing, either. We've seen them stumble into the playoffs many times at 8-8 or 9-7, falling into that last wild card slot only to be embarrassed the next week in the "advanced round". (I think of Oiler Helmets and Raider Black for some reason)


can Rex take a Jenkins-less defense(which is really playing great), and a 20 year old rookie QB whose playing like the un-ripened fruit we knew he was into the playoffs and shock the world?

That would do it.

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this question is already answered. to see our team on the brink of making the playoffs even after loosing your top offensive (Washington) and defensive (Jenkins) players really shows this team rallied and didn't fold like we did last year.

Same Old Jets?? Not anymore.

what IF my first scenerio plays out? LOL We'll all be having heart attacks.

But, I do agree, the way the defense has played without KJ had shown me that Rex does something special on that side of the ball. A Mangini team is finished.

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