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So, how the hell are we gonna beat the Chargers?


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The Jets are much better at stopping the pass, we're by far the best in the league at it. Getting to Rivers will be a problem though. Ryan is great at blitzing, I think he'll have some crazy **** drawn up for this week because we won't get to Rivers with 4 guys. What's great about Ryan is even when we blitz we rarely give up big plays. Off the top of my head, with the exception of Miami in week 5 (Where everything went wrong for our defense) I can't think of one screen play that has really hurt us. Knowing that's a big part of San Diego's game it will be interesting to see if he can hurt us. We've been pretty good at diagnosing that stuff.

screens/sproles are going to play a big part in this game.. The good thing is that Thomas and pace (thomas more so) are very disciplined and will likely sniff it out most of the time..

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