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** JN Predict The Score - AFC Divisional Playoff Vs. Chargers **

The Gun Of Bavaria

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** JN Predict The Score - AFC Divisional Playoff Vs. Chargers **

JN Predict The Score Win Tracker:

1. Arsis

2. Arsis

3. afosomf

4. Jaysjets

5. DrownTheJets

6. G.O.B.

7. Klecko73isGod

8. JiF/HardKoreXXX [Tie]

9. G.O.B.

10. Otter

11. Lupz27

12. Faba

13. Papageorgio268

14. Lil Bit Special

15. villan_the_foe

16. jakeG

Wild Card: Arsis/Faba/EY [3 Way Tie]

Divisional Playoff:

Listen, I can't break with tradition and jinx this team in any way. Picking a win would piss off Lady Superstition and make her go out of her way to make me wrong. I prefer to be wrong in a good way. Therefore,

Chargers 27

Jets 20

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Jets 33

San Diego SuperChargers 28

I think if the Jets have to score over 28pts they lose the game. The Jets need to keep SD to 3td-3tds and a fg at most. If sd is scoring 4-5 tds that means our d is playing like **** and our running game isn't getting going.

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I'm was thinking less then 3 tds or we're ****ed.

Our strength is our D. If we're giving up 4 tds. That says bad things about our D and our O. They should not have enough time to score 4td. We should be trying to eat up the clock and end as many drives as possible. At worst give up fg's. If the Jets win it's going to be a 24-20 27-24 type of score. Unless something weird like 2 run backs and 2 pick 6's happen. Which is unlikely but possible.

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I saw some pretty high scores there fellas, the score is going to be


jets win

we are going to get a defensive/special teams td, one rushing and two passing.

"Jets shut down the power on the bolts" thats also the headline for the post.

Im pulling a rex

does anyone want to know what sanchez orders for breakfast monday morning?


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