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Interesting tidbit about last week's winners


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Besides winning in the opening round, what do the Ravens, Jets, Cardinals, and Cowboys have in common?

They were all swept by a divsion rival. The Jets--as we all know--were humiliated by Miami twice. The Ravens--like the rest of the AFC North--were swept by Cincinnati. The Cowboys lost both games to the Giants, and Arizona dropped both matchups with the 49ers. Of the teams that swept, only the Bengals made the postseason, but were quickly dispatched.

All 4 Wild Card Weekend winners are catching fire at just the right moment, while 3 of the 4 teams they've faced have all struggled lately, regardless of how hard they were trying to win. Unfortunately for us, the Jets are paired up with the only team that actually gave a damn about the end of the regular season.

While it's not likely all will remain after this weekend, there should be at least 1 or 2 still alive. My point is, a team shouldn't fret about an early or mid-season slump. It's the late-season slides that kills teams' Super Bowl chances. Here's what the final 8 have done in their last 3 regular season games:

Chargers: 11 game winning streak

Cowboys: 3-0

Cardinals: 2-1

Jets: 2-1

Ravens: 2-1

Colts: 1-2

Vikings: 1-2

Saints: 0-3

I'm willing to bet the Vikings and Saints will pay for their lack of effort heading into the playoffs. I'll take the Colts over the Ravens only because they were the only team to show consistency throughout an entire season while they had their starters in the game.

Oh, and I'll take the Jets in an upset :)

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