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Fireman Ed


Fireman Ed gives the Jets a true home field advantage?  

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  1. 1. Fireman Ed gives the Jets a true home field advantage?

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I don't know why there is so much hate for this guy. I know he capitalizes on his Jets fandom but still who wouldn't if they were in his shoes? I can remember going to games in 1996 when it was 2 degrees in the meadowlands and 10k people in the stand who were mostly the other teams fans. He was still on top of that guys shoulders starting the chant.

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Ed's a good guy, personally, and I think his act is a nice addition to the game experience.

That being said, he's not doing any thing that you or I couldn't if they put US on the Jumbotron.

I couldn't do it. If they put me on the Jumbotron the stadium would erupt in laughter.

But I get your point.

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He definitely gets the crowd into it. Whatever perks he gets from this are well deserved. I wouldn't do it. I suck at motivating the crowd. Just ask anyone in 307. You might have to wait 'til their nap is over.

Your bro is pretty good, though. I was laughing my ass off the day I sat with him. He had one little kid just screaming.

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you can't like him or hate him he just a fan with a lot of exposure....

ok with that said this year i am voluntering to have any of the JN ladies on my shoulders and lead the tadium in the chant!!!

You got a little excited thinking about the girls of JN on your shoulders didn't you?

This tadium is rocking, LOL.

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Even Elmer Fudd would stutter in that situation. :lol:

JetNation is going to be raffling off dates with Brenda this season. Just a few legal things have to be cleared up first.

Most important, we have to run the idea by Brenda first.

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... i like him ... one of my happiest jet memories was scalping a ticket and sitting 1st row mezzanine after the jacksonville playoff victory ... basically everyone had left & i was just reveling in the moment ... trying to drag it out as long as possible and b-s'ing with 3 or 4 guys next to me still hangin' out ... Ed was interviewing with the t.v. guys down below us and they were asking him to do the chant for them ...

he said "no, i'm sorry man ... i've gotta feel it"

then as he was leaving i was jumping around like an idiot ... yelling down from the mezzanine " EDDY !! EEDDDDDYY !!! ... 1 MORE TIME EDDY !!! 1 MORE TIME EDDYY !!

and he gave it to me - J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS !!

(i'm still getting some goose-bumps just remembering how elated i was at that moment)

... NBC couldn't get him to do it, but he did it for me and 4 other nobodies...

... Thanks Eddy ... a very special memory for me...


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I met Ed in Oakland during the playoffs

After the game, we went back to the Hotel Bar at the Marriott, and he was there with his girlfriend

We sat and had dinner....he ended up going back to the airport with me and my nephew (we were on the same flight)

Genuine guy...great guy

Loves the Jets...so he's a good guy in my book

My nephew was soooooo happy to meet him

Probably the only Jets fan I hate is Blowsux..not even sure he likes the Jets :-k

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Love the new SB DVD where towards the end of the AFC Championship Game, Deion Branch is waving a white towel and asking the crowd "Hey, where are your towels? Where are the towels at?" And then he giggles, loved that.... 8)

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Is that the game the sissy left in the 1st quarter because he couldn't take the abuse from Raiders fans?

He's as soft as the team he roots for.

I seriously doubt you'd say that to his face

I'm a pretty big guy...but I wouldn't want to F-with Big Ed [-o<

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