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I now believe 'you make your luck'.


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I've spent years calling Brady lucky. ..and he was lucky to have such a great D and solid line.

But SD's kicker didn't miss those kicks because of gas, cramps, or his girlfriend. Our D was in his head.

And passes were certainly dropped because those receivers were convinced they were about to get creamed.

SD does the onside kick because they're stupid, and we got lucky? How about this: they did it because they were convinced we'd get a 1st down...and went with the 40% probability of getting the ball and tossing a hail mary.

For years I've heard OTHER teams say 'you make your luck' and it infuriated me. But I gotta say it sure feels good to FINALLY be on the winning side of that phrase.

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Revis24, you just reminded me:

The interception of Revis's ...luck?? How did he know that bouncing ball didn't touch? That guy's reflexes are supernatural and he made luck work in his favor.

Every tipped pass is luck of the draw in terms of where it lands... Revis made the most of an almost impossible tip.

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Revis did what most guys would have done... play through it as though the ball is live, let the replay booth prove otherwise.

The difference is, Revis had the body control and concentration to play through it perfectly.

No replay booth necessary.


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