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Ouch! Oracle's President Owned Big Time by His Mistress

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Tech giant Charles Phillips featured with woman in Times Square billboard - and it's not his wife

BY Helen Kennedy


Originally Published:Thursday, January 21st 2010, 8:34 PM

Updated: Friday, January 22nd 2010, 6:09 AM

alg_billboard.jpg Costanza for News

Billboard at W. 52nd St. and Broadway that shows Oracle exec Charles Phillips and his longtime mistress YaVaughnie Wilkins was apparently put up by Wilkins to embarrass the married Phillips.

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The president of one of the world's largest tech firms made his debut this week on a huge Times Square billboard - but it's not for some new software.

Instead, it seems Charles Phillips' long-term gal pal put it there to embarrass the married mogul.

Phillips, the president of Oracle software, is shown hugging YaVaughnie Wilkins under the words "Charles and YaVaughnie" and a quote, "You are my soulmate forever."

The billboards - two in Manhattan and others in Atlanta and San Francisco - tout the Web address of an online photo album containing what appears to be eight years worth of snaps of the duo vacationing, dancing, drinking and singing karaoke.

There are also dozens of florist cards signed "Charles" bearing messages like "I'm sorry, please forgive me," "I'm crazy about you" and "We're going to have a great life, stick with me."

They often appeared in public together and took photos with a young boy about the age of Phillips' son.

Bela Kovacs, the San Francisco Web designer who created the site, which was down last night, said he was hired by Wilkins in August. The site, as far as he knew, was to be a gift for Phillips, he said.

"I didn't know anything about his marital status, or hers," Kovacs said. "I don't know who did the billboard."

ClearChannel refused to say who paid for the signs, which can cost thousands a day.

But after Gawker.com began chewing on the mystery of the billboards - and discovered that the Oracle head has an elegant wife, Karen Phillips - Kovacs says he received an e-mail from Wilkins saying, "I've become famous."

Wilkins, 42, who studied journalism in San Francisco, where she lives, could not be reached for comment.

A spokesperson for Charles Phillips, 50, released a statement: "I had an 8

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