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My Jetnation family.......


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For those here that know me an my friends i just want to pass this along to my JET family......

Dear Friends,

To all that may have known and to those that didn't my mother was diagnosed in April with pancreatic cancer. These last few months have been very difficult dealing with various tests, procedures, blood work and chemo.to list of few of the things she had to endure. My mom had a strong will and made every effort to deal with and overcome the odds. She tried whatever was suggested no matter how sick it made her feel, she wanted to live.

Today unfortunely the cancer won and she passed. I have been blessed to be the daughter of a wonderful woman who provided my sister and myself with the strength and independence that she had by being a single parent. My mom was a remarkable women and my heart is saddened with her loss, but greatful for her love.

I wanted to send this note out to all of my wonderful friends who have supported and prayed for me these last few months, I truly thank you all. I would have not been able to keep it together to take care of my mom if it wasn't for all the outpouring of love and affection.

As for any arrangements mom will be waked at Higgins Funeral Home in New City either monday or tuesday I will follow up with all the arrangements once they are confirmed.

Thank you all for your support and please continue to pray for Bob's dad is as well has been diagnosed with the same illness and is in Hospice.

All my love,


Becky is my dear dear friend of mine that has been to sooo many jet games home an away, Her husband (even stating he is a Giants fan has been beside his bride.,as his father is on his death bed. It brekas my heart as I write this an hope n pray for all the best. I love you guys with all my heart

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God bless, Bren. My sincerest condolences. It was explained to me once this way: Cancer, (which has taken both of my parents, my cousin, and far too many other family members), is the ultimate reminder that the body we are given on Earth is merely a vessel for a glorious, impenetrable soul and it's in heaven that we come to know true peace and joy. My best to you and Becky in this difficult time.

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I too dealt with the loss of my Mom, not all too long ago. While the pain is always most difficult a few weeks after the family and friends go back to their everyday lives, there is a sense of peace that overcomes all pain. My mother died from Cancer as well, at the age of 52. This was back in May of 2007. It was just a few months removed from the birth of my first son. I still look back on that Mother's day in 2007, where my Mom, in her hospice bed unable to barely hold her first and only grandchild, struggled but managed to lay very contently, very sweetly, gripping on for dear life to her grandson and the promise that a new child brings.

It was the absolute purest moment of a very bittersweet time in my life. Death is something we all must face from time to time in our lives. While it is never easy, it can be beautiful, if we look at it right.

I know, more than I have known anything else in my life, that like my Mother, Becky's Mom is in a very good place. She is free from many of the tribulations of life to enjoy her eternal soul in peace. Call it heaven, or whatever you will (I am a Christian, so you know my take on it). The departed are in a much better place than we are. So while this will be one of the most sad moments in anyone's life, remember it is also one of the happiest. In my beliefs, it is much easier to communicate with my mom nowadays. There are no phone calls that need to be placed. I know in my heart, that since my Mother passed away, all I have to do is think about her and she is right there with me. If that is not beautiful, I do not know what is.

I have made it my goal to continue to make my Mom proud everyday. Nowadays she doesn't miss anything.

My heart and prayers are with Becky and Bob and all of their family and friends. In time, this will get easier. Remember, it is much more appropriate to celebrate one's life in passing than to mourn.

May God bless the heavy hearts of my fellow Jet's brethren, and I guess for this one time only, may God bless a Giant's fan.


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Brenda, I don't really know you but I'm sorry for your friend Becky's loss (and yours as well for that matter). You are part of the Jetfandom family and when you are affected so are we. My prayers are with both families and all parties involved at this difficult time. Hopefully, our boys will do something to take your mind off things a little tiny bit tomorrow. Hang in there. We need you.

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