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NFLN-Replay of Super Bowl III right now!


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Very basic graphics. No clock at all.

Camera is mostly trained on the field all the time other thana few shots of the sidelines.

Officials had very expressive hand signals.

Chain gang was primitive, worse than what you would see today at a Pop Warner game.

Other than Bubba Smith, Winston Hill and a few other OL and DL guys, not much difference in size among and between players. Most not much over 6'2"(Larry Grantham stands out as small as an LB). Not nearly as many formations nor motion. Most plays feature 2 backs, 2 WRs, a flanker/slot guy or a TE(not both). Not as many subs on defense except on 3rd down passing distances.

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I dont have NFL network

I dont either. I have f'ing Cablevision and Fios isnt in my area yet.

Funny situation. A cablevision rep called me this week pitching to me their phone service. Long story short, I told them that Im not concerned about a phone or paying 15 dollars less on my bill. If they were to get me the NFL Network I WILL PAY ANYTHING....JUST F'ING DO IT! Dude started laughing, started talking about the Jets and all.

I should have had him do the Jets chant before we hung up lol.

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So I just got off the phone with my cousin Anthony telling him how I couldn't sleep last night and ended up watching the SBIII replay. On January 12th 1969 we had a little family get together at my cousin's house and we all watched the game in his living room together. he asked me if I remember what we had for dinner that day and I said no. He told me gnocchis!!! I said excellent, I have a bag of Mimi's gnocchis in the freezer and some of my famous sauce. Good omen? All I know is when we lost The Mud Bowl in 1983 against Miami I had made a big vat of chili. I haven't made chili for a Jets game since-and that was 27 years ago!!!

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