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The Gun Of Bavaria

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TJ is utterly worthless. His defenders will claim that it's because Greene and Sanchez would just turn the ball over, when they clearly didn't this game.

The playcalling isn't the problem as much as TJ is. Top O-line in the game, and this bum just runs right into it and does nothing. You're suppose to make the first guy miss, not run into your linemen.

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Dude, just shut up. Schottenheimer hasn't been bad today.

Yes, yes he ****ing has been. He's been beyond ****ing woeful. The fact that our rookie QB has been constantly bailing us out of 3rd and long situations is a reflection of our pathetic playcalling.

Running up the middle on 1st down with Jones maxes out as a 2 yard gain, yet we see it over and ****ing over.

Sanchez has been hot today and we haven't taken advantage.

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