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I was a celestial Jets fan before I was born to this Earth. [ I'm 23 ]

Damn women's right had to go and **** up a perfectly good system.

B. Schitt shines.

Why line T Rich up out wide and try to run opposite direction? Its literally giving them a numerical advantage at the line. Why go 10 against 11. We were slamming it down their throat between the hash marks.

Just terrible waste of an opportunity.

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Srsly, 3rd and 14 and he calls a pass 1 yard off the line of scrimmage?

Nah, that wasn't the play that bothered me. Throwing downfield in that situation is very risky. It was the two plays before. I've been saying it for two weeks, teams are letting us pass and Sanchez looks more than capable of making the plays. ****ing run some play action on FIRST down. We done it once and got a big play to Edwards.

It will work, Sanchez looks good so far. Let him air it out.

Defense is amazing.

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