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Anyone read 'Boondocks' by Aaron McGruder?

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Best comic strip being made, hands down although I also like dilbert and doonsberry too

never watched adult swim but always hear alot about it, this should be a cool show

'Boondocks' Coming to Small Screen


Outspoken comic strip to join Cartoon Network in September 2005.

by Andy Spain

After an aborted deal with the FOX network, an animated version of Boondocks, radical daily comic strip, has been picked up by Cartoon Network. The show is currently slated to join the network's Adult Swim lineup in the fall of 2005. A 15-episode stint is in production as of this writing.

Boondocks, which centers around two African-American kids named Huey and Riley, is best known for its outspoken sociopolitical themes and unabashed bashing of well-known politicos and celebrities, especially those in the black community. Recent targets of McGruder's angry wit include Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Bill Cosby and Condoleezza Rice. The comic strip runs daily in about 400 papers, and is also available online.

Its radical point of view sometimes runs afoul of its readers. Recently The Register-Guard, an Oregon newspaper, suspended the strip over complaints that a character named Unkle Ruckus made racist comments against African-Americans. Unkle Ruckus himself was a black man working as a mall Santa in the offending strip, and was intended to represent "self-hate" among African-Americans.

Like other cartoonists who've jumped to animation such as Matt Groening, McGruder will be in charge of the show's production. This gives some hope that "Boondocks" will not lose it's edge once the networks get their say. Reggie Hudlin will serve as Executive Producer alongside McGruder.

Several familiar voices will be heard in the series, including Regina King, Jill Talley and comedian John Witherspoon, Witherspoon, who is perhaps best known for playing Craig's dog-catching father in the movie Friday, will be filling the cranky shoes of Grandad. Regina King (most recently seen in Ray) will voice Riley, and actress Indigo will play the politically-aggravated youngster Huey.

It's tough for a comic strip (especially one of cult status) to make the jump to TV without losing its essence. But in a climate where people have gained an appetite for political entertainment, there's plenty of room for "Boondocks" to appeal to the masses without watering down its message. Besides, it'll be airing after the kiddies are all tucked in anyway.

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I love that comic... one of the few that i make a point of reading everyday (frazz, dilbert, doonsbury, zits, etc. fill up the rest). If it's on adult swim there should be no worries about it "losing it's edge".

Anyone remember the dilbert cartoon on UPN? I always thought that was funny.

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Adult Swin is great, I watch it every night just about....

Family Guy at 11:00 pm

Futurama at 11:30 pm

Aqua Teen Hunger Force at 12:00 am

Aqua Teen Hunger Force at 12:15 am

Meatwad makes the Money G......

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