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SJ Reviews: 'The Last Station'..A look at a revolutionary behind the curtain (3 1/2)

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The Last Station is a Indie currently in Art Houses that is not only a well written film but has one of the better casts you will see this year.

The cast, I will be honest is the films biggest asset is; Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy , Anne-Marie Duff (McAvoys real world wife) and Paul Giamatti.

It tells the tale of Leo Tolstoy, Russia and the Worlds greatest 'rock' star in early 1900s due to his literay works. Journalists and camerman/early filmographers followed him everywhere.

The story is 1910 when Tolstoy (Plummer) is in middle of his 'abandon all wealth' Tolstoyan movement. We are taken to his country house and nearby commune where his loyal followers reside.

Enterhis wife, Sopya (Mirren), and his most loyal follower Chertkov (Giamatti). Chertkov hires a young writer, Bulgakov (McAvoy), to be Tolstoys secreatary but mainly Chertkov ears/eyes within the compound. Chertkov has convinced Tolstoy to abandon much of his wealth in a new will and give to Russian people while Sofya is distraught over how this will leave her 13 childrens future in limbo.

Its a nice look at the real people and the how they always arent up to the demands of ones writings and real life actions. Its a great look at Russia in early 1900s which since I am 1st generation Ukranian was a added bonus.

McAvoys metamorphisis with commune inhabitant Anne-Marie Duff is probably the most interesting plot here, along with my favorite actress, Mirrens, performance. Its always good to see Plummer and Giamatti again shows he plays the 'not so appealing' antagonist oh so well. A definite must-see movie for history buffs and for admirers of great acting.

3 1/2stars_002.gif's


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