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Not sure if any of you are fans of ESPN's Bill Simmons - but he is currently conducting a search for an intern. He has a very interesting interview process. Anyway, read these answers from one of the finalists - funny. I think he should be the winner -and he's man enough to admit that Tom Brady is "it."

3. Who's your favorite athlete ever and why?

Rickey Henderson's ego was endearing; Junior Griffey's swing is practically regal; Dale Sveum hit .236 and now runs people into sure outs -- all notable achievements. But every guy has a friend who's always scoring babes, winning everything, and so charmingly befuddled that his buddies relish having him around. Tom Brady's that guy, so it's hurtful hearing him described invectively like "overrated" and "boring" instead of with appropriate adjectives like "dreamy" and "totally sweet". How can't you root for this guy without suffering from some inherent resentment of another's success? Admittedly, I hate sushi, Harry Potter, lettuce, Colin Quinn, and trying on pants -- all big cultural winners -- but Tom's different, and anyone who hopes he fails is just jealous he's not helping them pick-up chicks.

4. What do you think was the funniest moment in sports history and why?

Worthwhile humor requires more than kicks in the groin; there have to be injurious consequences for some social condition. For example, Chris Anderson's Dunk Contest abomination set the Brent-Barry-White-Men-Can-Jump movement back at least two decades, and Reggie Miller's 1987 flat-top led to the Bel Biv Devoe backup singers seeming way less cool. Both were hilarious, but nowhere near the Gold Club trial, where athletes testified to promiscuity, racketeering, and other run-of-the-mill behavior. For me, the gold nugget was Andruw Jones' testimony that two women in his room were "doing lesbian action" and, when asked what he did, Andruw deadpanning, "Both of them." Count it!

Congratulations to all the winners, especially Andruw Jones.

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