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Rex Ryan's First Words After Surgery: "Did we get L.T. signed yet?"


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The comments below the article are awesome. Here are a few of the gems:

L T? Lunch time?

No no no no

It was "Get me a B.L.T."

Peter King once wrote a personal letter to Adolf Coors thanking him for inventing those labels on Coors Lite that let you know when the beer is cold. He often has trouble knowing when beer is cold.

First Concern: L.T.

Second Concern: Can a brother get a double bacon with cheese up in this bitch !

I believe a rubber band was necessary, as they had difficulties with the original attempted onion ring attachment.


I had "When can I eat pudding again?" in the pool...

Peter King once drank his wife's urine and complained it tasted like pee flavored water.

You all need to seriously get a life.

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I bet he woke up hungry. They put you on a liquid diet for 4 weeks before the procedure. My secretary husband had it done and lost 40 pounds before the procedure. Then for about 6weeks you have to blend everything you eat. After that they inflate the lapband with saline thru a port to the right of the stomach. My ex brother in law lost 85 pounds in like 6 months after that surgery, its a lifsaver.

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