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Jets solidifies hope for Superbowl trophy with signing of Tomlinson


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From the San Diego Chargers, National Football League running back LaDainian Tomlinson is now an official member of the New York Jets after the former signed a two-year deal with his new team.

The entry of Tomlinson, a reliable running back and certified former star of the Chargers will further boost the roster of the Jets as they hope to get another Super bowl trophy in the next season of the NFL.

The signing of Tomlinson is also surprising since it was the Jets who eliminated the Chargers during the AFC championship game the past NFL season.

A 2006 NFL Most Valuable Player, Tomlinson decided to sign with the Jets since he believe the team has it takes to win the NFL prized plum this year.

Tomlinson said as the newest member of the Jets he is willing to play whatever role the team's coach Rex Ryan will give him.

The former star player of the Chargers is also willing to take the supporting role and be the back-up of second-year running back Shonn Greene, who emerged in his rookie season and made Thomas Jones expendable. Jones signed with Kansas City last week after running for a career-high 1,402 yards and 14 touchdowns.

The 31-year-old star running back said in this state of his career he is now willing to accept whatever roles the team will offer him to ensure the Jets gets their aim for a Superbowl trophy in the incoming NFL season.

Before eventually signing with the Jets, Tomlinson had earlier visited the Minnesota Vikings.

The past NFL season had been a forgettable year for him as he experienced 730 yards his first season under 1,000 on 223 carries for an average of 3.3 yards per carry, all career lows.

He scored 12 touchdowns, but his role was reduced in an offence that shifted its focus to quarterback Philip Rivers and the passing game.

Despite his bad NFL season, he's still regarded as an excellent route runner and superb receiver, two qualities that made him attractive to both New York and Minnesota.

Jets star quarterback Mark Sanchez is happy and excited with the signing of Tomlinson since he believe the veteran NFL will help them achieve greatness in the next NFL season.

Tomlinson was taken with the fifth overall pick in 2001 out of TCU, and immediately became a star as he helped the Chargers become a perennial playoff contender.

The running back's 138 career touchdowns rushing rank second in NFL history, and his 153 total touchdowns rank third.

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The part that I don't get is why we think that a guy who hasn't shown up for the playoffs for years can replace our back who didn't show up for the playoff's. Is it just a swinging door of age?

What were our options?

TJ is gone. The best thing we can do to replace the '08 AFC champ & '09 AFC third best, is bring in the '06 AFC champ & '06 NFL MVP.

You don't replace TJ with an unproven draftee, if that's what you're hinting. That's not a replacement; that's called an uncalculated risk. LT is a legit replacement. Whether he'll be a slight upgrade, downgrade, or another TJ, is yet to be seen and irrelevant because LT's the best we can do right now, a signing we had to make to at least break even, if not improve. Hopefully, LT will surprise us.

FWIW, I'm staying optimistic. As much as I appreciate TJ's dependability for three solid seasons, his straight-ahead use of the line became too predictable. In LT, we gain a fresh weapon for dumpoffs, and dink & dunks beyond the line. Plus he can throw. In 9 seasons, he rushed for less than 1000 yds only once; last year. He has a new team now and a better O-line - and a lesser role.

The way I see it - Greene, Leon, and LT are all MRIs waiting to happen, and each one can be a legit no.1 RB at any time too. Anything's possible.

Worst case scenario: we have to switch to stronger alcohol next season.

I'm ready.

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I think it was all pretty much a $$$ thing. Not paying the bonus due to TJ by cutting him saved enough to sign LT, and then some. LT won't give the Jets 1400 yards like Jones did last season, but shouldn't have to, since the pass game better be improved. That should take some of the pressure off Shonn Greene and LT, and more importantly, make the Jets' O harder to defend.

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