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Tom Selleck returns to TV as NYC Cop


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Magnum PI in Manhattan? Tom Selleck is back for a new TV show as a Big Apple cop.

The mustachioed 80s heartthrob is purportedly close to inking a deal to star with Wahlberg bro, Donny, in as yet untitled cop series.

Selleck would play Michael, the "handsome" and well-decorated chief of police for the NYPD.

The show previously known as Reagan's Law was created by two Sopranos writer/producers.

It would be the Emmy and Golden Globe winner's first regular gig since buoying up Las Vegas in its final season two years ago.

Not only is the 65 year-old one time Hawaiian Eye toplining in the CBS miniseries of Jess Stone mysteries Tom is also in the new Ashton Kutcher- Katherine Heigl flick Killers.

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