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Someone give me a Yankee update please


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I have been busy at work and not following as closely as I would like.

  • Hughes\Chamerlain what's going on there?
  • Granderson in LF?
  • How does CF look?
  • The kids in the bullpen?
  • Is Joe Girardi still very damn sexy?


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Looks like Gardner has grabbed the third outfield spot. So he'll be in center most of the time with Granderson in left. Which I think is by far their strongest defensive alignment.

Cano has been promoted to the #5 spot in the lineup.

The starters are looking good with Burnett adding a changeup to his mix. Hughes is the lead for the #5 spot right now, but Joba finally threw well this week and might not be out of it just yet.

Nick Johnson is working on pulling the ball more. He's going to totally dig that wind and short porch in right.

Francisco Cervelli is batting around .700 (Jose Molina who?)

Everyone in Boston is crapping their pants over the fact that the Yankees are actually looking like they have improved over last year.

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Thank you GM.

If Hughes wins the 5th spot what are they going to do with Joba? I heard the minors but I find that hard to believe.

No chance. Joba would go to the pen.

But I still think he'll make a significant amount of starts this year, whether or not he wins the job in April.

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