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SJ Reviews..'The Ghost Writer'...Flat out great Spy Thriller (4)


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This Indie is the best Spy genre flick in quite awhile.

This is just a flat out great edge of your seat Spy thriller, 'who dun it' type of flick.

Quick plot line.

Pierce Brosnan is a character who is fashioned after former Brit PM Tony Blair. He is now retired and writing his memoirs.

The story starts with the man who was hired as his Ghost Writer to write the memoirs is found dead. The death is rules a suicide.

Enter Ewan McGregor who is now hired as new Ghost. The story has multiple layers of intrigue , espionage and political intrigue.

As McGregor starts to thin the ex-Ghost was murdered, he now has to worry as tp why and what does that mean for his future 'health'. This is all against the backdrop of Brosnans Blair like character who is lambasted as too Pro American/ I cant recommend this flick enough for fans of Spy movies and of espionage thrillers. Its one of best in a long time. The cast is top notch with Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Hutton, and Eli Wallach. You cant get much better than that. Wilkinsons performance is downright chilling.

Its that good!!!!!!!!!!


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