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SJ Reviews..'The Crazies'..Zombie movie thats less Zombie, more plot (3)


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I am not a big Zombie genre fan. But here we have a very different take on it. First off the Zombies are less Zombieish and there is a actual plot.

Plot..A Iowa town starts having people act 'out of it' and they become violenbt. The local sheriff and his Dr. wife start to think there may be something more sinister afoot. I dont want to spoil it but very early on we learn its a basic Govt . messup and the Govt wants to contain the mistake.

What ensues is a decent Govt. containment and escape movie as the sheriff trys to make it out of town before the Govt can eliminate all witnesses.

WE are spared countless Zombie killing and eyes torn out, limbs off etc. Instead we get some gore, but mainly a decent escape and conspiracy plot. Not bad.

3 stars_002.gif's

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