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SJ Reviews: 'How to Train your Dragon 3D' (3 1/2)


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A definite for Family Movie night out and a sure fire entertainer for older viewers. How to Train your Dragon 3D is flat out a fun and wild ride.

Dreamworks latest is very very Shrek like in its script and pacing. The characters are likable and funny with topivcal humor thrown in.

The basic plot is hundreds of years ago in a Viking settelment a young boy struggles with the Viking way of killing, pillaging and especially killing dragons.

By chance he encounters what we are told is fierce ruthless dragon. He finds out they arent as ruthless as Viking thought and in many ways the same as he is.

The 3D is better than almost all I have seen and well worth the extra 3 bucks to see some awesome flying scenes.

This is just a fun , happy movie that young and old alike will enjoy. If you were a fan of Shrek, you will embrace this. And by all means, if your kids are still at home, this is a movie you wil lall enjoy together. Just make sure you see in 3D. ;)

3 1/2 stars_002.gif's


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