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Web development (css) question


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Any of you guys web developers?

My question is about today's tools for webapp/css design. If I can draw with pen/paper the rough layout for the screens (front-end, login, account info), what is a good tool for rapid css design? Do people just do it with a text editor, or are there tools that put together a webapp faster?

I'm a db programmer, and don't deal with web/html/etc. I've built my server (ubuntu) and apache works great. Tomcat is running for jsp if needed. I can handle the db schema design for users/logins etc, but just need the right (fast) UI development tool for the front-end.

I promise my next thread will be more appropriate for JN...men with breasts, things that are gay, etc. :)

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css is just the style sheet... font size/weight/color etc. I dont think you can build a site with just css... you need html with css on the back end... if you can do databases, html should be a piece of piss. i do mine with wordpad

CSS can get pretty complicated with positioning elements. Which is why I was too lazy to learn how to do it on my hobby site. Being lazy, I found that using a lot of Server Side Includes was the best way to do things quickly. So if anyone else out there is lazy also I recommend doing your whole site that way right from the start.

Sorry Jerry, can't help you with CSS. Would if I wasn't lazy though.

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Thanks guys. Sounds like there's no magic bullet, which is fine. I'll stick with vi.

If all you want is positioning you can do that by making the whole page a table. The argument against doing this is that it is cpu intensive to render and the browser has to wait for the entire page to download before it can begin rendering. This mattered in the 90s, but bandwidth and cpu advances make those points pointless.

The first wysiwyg editors ever were based on making the whole page a table, thats why people were against them in the "old days". Anyway, there is a lot of complex and dynamic(meaning it changes while you are looking at it) stuff you can do with css but if all you want is positioning you can do that with 90s era table formatting technology.

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