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Now THIS is pessimism at its best!

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It was high time this team cuts bait with the Round Mound of Blubber (Jerome Bettis). Though it should have been done at least 2 years ago, the timing to cut bait with Bettis was now. A critical piece of the deck of cards would have been forever eradicated from the Stiller lineup, and in its absence some speed, youth, and vigor could have been added to the roster. Instead, Bilbo Cowher clings ferociously to his last remaining pacifier -- Fat Jerome Bettis. And along with the pacifier, an anvil slung around the team's collective neck as it is guaranteed to limp through yet another non-championship season in 2005.

Christ, i thought i was a bit pissed with the Steeler FO. :shock:

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* Great statement by Cowher after another AFCC failure, said best by Lord Billy himself:

"We didn't play our best game or coach our best game in the biggest game."

Cowher should have started with, "Once again...." It was nice of Billy to volunteer his players to share the blame after the 5th egg Billy has laid, all

at home, in the AFC Title game.

Apparently they love Cowher just as much. :lol:

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