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SJ Reviews: 'North Face (Nordwand)'..Exciting story of attempt at Eiger in 1936 (3)


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Northface is a German Indie that tells the true tale of a attempt at climbing the North face of the Eiger in Switzerland before it had ever been done.

The attempt is a subplot to the times of the movie. Its 1936 in Germany. Hittler has come to power, but there is no war yet, just the vibes of one. The Olympics are also coming and Nationalism is at its highest.

After a Germany lost 2 of its Mountain climbing heroes to Eiger a few years earlier, it was declared by Swiss to be 'off-limits' as too dangerous. This of course didnt stop people form still trying.

Enter 2 of Germanys best climbers who are in teh Army.

They dont seem real Pro-Hittler and theyt leave the Army to attempt Eiger.

The film uses different characters to show the split that was in Germany at the time. They have a Pro Hittler Newsman who sees a successful climb as a show of German Aryan supremacy. We see a idealistic photographer who views him in a different tone. Several characters, German and otherwise are splice din to show the tones and shades of grey that made up the palette thats was Germany in 1936.

For those who know the story, please no spoilers. Its a nice, exciting flick with a slice of history thrown in also. Enjoy.

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