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If Taylor signs with the Jets, will you buy his jersey?


Will you buy Jason Taylor's jersey?  

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  1. 1. Will you buy Jason Taylor's jersey?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don't buy any jerseys because they're gay

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Why isn't **** NO! an option?

I only buy jerseys for the boys. My Namath Authentic is the only flavor I wear.

But if he does end up on the team I hope I get Klecko as my Secret Santa. Cause I will be buying him one that says Xerxes on the back. Because it would be funny.

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Has anyone been issued #99 since Gastineau retired-----------:confused:

As fas MEN wearing jerseys. In most cases fat bald obese short pieces of tub-o-lards or nerd geeks should not be wearing jerseys. But those who can still rock a jersey why not--------:confused:

Brian Thomas wears #99 now doesn't he?--------:confused:
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Can we get a "HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!" option on the poll? :)


Also, to continue my track of ruining rookies' and jets players' careers, as evidenced by my Jets Jersey purchases having been Jonathan Vilma, Brett Favre, Vernon Gholston


Maybe I should just invest and ruin my own professional career and get a customized jersey!! hahaha!!

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