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Giants Stadium: See the inside as it comes down. Walls Removed. Pics Taken Yesterday


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Good Riddance

The truth is that our history there was rough, but I basically grew up in that place. I've been to more games than I can remember. I've seen tons of great concerts, been in fights, met cute girls that I took home, slept in the parking lot etc. Fist time I was there I think I was 11 or so ( I think).... Last time I was 36.

I'm ready to start a new chapter in Jets history, but It's sad to see the building that I spent so much of my youth in get torn down. Slowly too.

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Is that when you get your bill for the new stadium seats Joe ? :biggrin:

That's the Monday Night Football Pre-Season opener Giants @ Jets game.

We had to pay for our seasons this year by April 15!

Everyone of you know on that night those IDIOTS at ESPN will push scenes from the old stadium right after every commercial break!

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Am I the only one happy to see that bitch go down? I know I only started going to games last year, but we been playing in "Giants Stadium" for a long time.

I remember going to the game and seeing that sign in big red. I can't wait until it's called something else. F*** that. This new stadium is going to be amazing.

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